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A consultation can be booked to review your suitability to Microblading, discuss any skin conditions you may have, review scars or any old/previous microblading There is the option to have an online consultation, please request this when booking. A consultation will last approx 20 minutes. 

Price £25


Microblading is a type of semi permanent make up, only instead of working with a machine, it is delivered with a handheld blade, providing the possibility to draw finer hair strokes. 
Microblading offers the most natural and precise hand drawn hair strokes that are shaped determined on your individual facial structure. 
This treatment requires a top up after approx 6/8 weeks, to ensure the pigment is evenly retained across the brows. The first top up is included in the below price and should be booked following your initial appointment. Healing of the skin can take up to 2 weeks. Pigment changes can be seen for up to 6 weeks after each session.
Should you require a third top up, this is will be charged and is bookable via the booking page. 

Price £300

If you have old work that needs correcting, for example old PMU that has turned red or grey please get in touch before booking either via message or booking a consultation.
There will be an additional charge for working over old PMU work as the appointment times are longer and multiple pigment colours are used. 

Price £320

Top up/ Colour boost

 Most Clients will require a top up for their brows every 12-24 months to maintain definition and colour.
A top up/colour boost is for existing clients only. If you have had your first treatment elsewhere, and require the second top up treatment, please book a consultation. 

Pricing is staggered- the longer it has been since your first treatment generally will determine how faded the pigment is that will need replenishing, however everyones skin will fade differently.
The more 
fading the more new work that will need doing. For best results brows should be faded by approx 60 % before having a top up. 

Generally the longer between the appointments the better but it is case by case. Please feel free to get in touch ahead of your appointment to discuss. 

A £100 deposit is taken when booking and the bala
nce will be determined at the appointment.

Starting price £180  up to  £320 depending on requirements 


Keen to add or even out existing freckles, or enjoy that sun kissed glow that summer freckles bring? Semi permanent freckle tattooing maybe the thing for you. These are manually added using small shand poking needles using up to 3 different shades of pigment. 

Starting price £100 (depending on amount required)
Free top up is included 

Brow and Freckle Combo 

Fancy adding in some freckles while getting your brows done? We can offer both in one sitting, but please allow extra time- upto 45 mins can be needed depending on the amount of freckles required. 

Price £350 (depending on amount required)
Free top up is included 


Brow wax 

Includes a mapping of the brow shape if required

Price £14

Brow tint 


Tint your brow ​hair and/or also stain the skin to help disguise gaps in your brow. Using Brow Code tints and stains, that are highly pigmented and will last up to 7 days on the skin and up to 7 weeks on the hairs.

Price £14


Brow lamination is a process where the brow hairs are straightened enabling them to be positioned into a new shape, often creating fuller looking brows . This helps to tame unruly brows and appears to fill out sparse brows. It lasts for 6 - 8 weeks. It includes a brow tint and wax.

Price £38

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