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Top reasons to choose needle ear piercing over gun piercing

When it comes to ear piercing, the method you choose is important. The decision between needle and gun piercing is not just about style - it's about precision, healing, and safety. Choosing the right ear piercing method is also connected with your skin health. 

Benefits of needle piercing 

While many choose piercing guns for faster procedures, a number of people still rely on traditional needle piercing. Needle ear piercing in Bedford is much more efficient than other procedures. 

  • The art of precision: Needle piercing stands out for its precision and control. Skilled professionals navigate the ear's contours with finesse and they ensure accurate placement and minimal tissue damage. This level of detail is particularly crucial for intricate ear piercings. This results in a more aesthetically pleasing and comfortable outcome.

  • Gentler healing, quicker recovery: Unlike the forceful nature of piercing guns, needles cause less trauma to surrounding tissues. This gentleness translates to quicker healing times and reduced discomfort. By choosing needle piercings, you invest in a more comfortable and efficient healing process.

  • Aesthetic freedom: Needle piercings provide more aesthetic freedom. It allows you to try a wider range of jewellery options. The precise technique enables the use of various jewellery styles and sizes, which can enhance the overall look and feel of your ear piercing.

  • Personalisation and versatility: Needle piercings offer a higher degree of customisation. Skilled piercers adapt needle sizes to suit individual preferences and ear anatomy which ensures a uniquely tailored experience. The versatility allows your ear piercing to align seamlessly with your style, anatomy, and comfort level.

  • Mitigating infection risks: Infection risk is lower with needle piercings. However, it should always be performed in a sterile environment by a skilled professional. Single-use needles minimise the chance of cross-contamination. This commitment to hygiene ensures a safe and hygienic ear piercing experience.

Choosing needle piercing is a decision that should be carefully considered. You should opt for a skilled professional from a trusted source like Face 19. We are among the leading names offering needle ear piercing, microblading, lamination and freckle tattoo applications. You can entrust us to conduct a safe, hygienic procedure of needle ear piercing in Bedford. For more information, contact us today. 

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